Sunday, November 6, 2011

Unique Globes

Today I just wanted to do a blog post about globes that look different than your average globe.
Halloween was less than a week ago so here's this pumpkin carved to look like a globe.
This on is carved into an apple. I find that even more impressive than the pumpkin globe simply because it is so much smaller.
I love this one just because I love LEGOs. What child didn't love LEGOs growing up? I can tell you from failed attempts that building a LEGO sphere is hard enough. I cannot imagine how much planning went into building the whole world in LEGOs.
The base is the most interesting aspect of this globe. While the globe itself looks very aesthetically pleasing what drew me to this globe was the base is in the shape of Atlas. Atlas was a Titan in Greek mythology who was forced to hold the Earth up as an act of repentance.
This last globe isn't as unique as some of the others in this post but it has always been my favorite type of globe. I really enjoy how the Earth looks with black oceans. There is nothing more useful or special about this globe it is just a personal preference. What kind of globes do you enjoy?


  1. That apple is cool. I wonder if it was preserved in some way?
    I enjoy all globes but I particularly like big ones. If cost and space were not issues I would like to have a globe at least a meter in diameter.

  2. Brian S,
    I could not find any information about the apple globe except Kevin Van Aelst seems to be the artist. I browsed some of his work and it is incredible.