Monday, November 7, 2011

Baltimore Cartography

This post is going to be mostly pictures because I am having a hard time finding information about these maps. I found a bunch of really interesting historic maps of the City of Baltimore. Some of these maps are almost 200 years old. I live right outside of Baltimore and I really like seeing places I've been to being depicted by someone who was living here a century before I was.
This one is from 1872 and was published by John F. Weishampel Jr.
This is from 1954 and published by The Savings Bank of Baltimore. It is depicting Baltimore as it was a century before the map was published. I recently came across a very similar map of Baltimore County hanging in the Towson Public Library. Here is a link to a higher quality version: Also, here is a link to the Baltimore County map I came across: I took the picture with my phone so the quality isn't great. Sorry.
This is the oldest map of Baltimore I could find even though I'm sure there are ones even older. It is dated as 1792 and just labels Baltimore City as "The Town of Baltimore" and the Harbor is simply labeled as "Basin".
I was unable to find a smaller size but I really enjoyed this map of Baltimore. It is a 1905 map of the Harbor area. The city looks very similar to what it looks like today.
This is a modern map of Baltimore City who those who are unfamiliar with its layout.

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  1. Great Little Blog, Have you ever used this cartography to build a 3D relief map of somewhere like Baltimore, Something like this? I want to make one of the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada. Should be a good project for this year.