Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Diego Ribero

The date Diego Ribero was born is unknown.  The earliest records of him were when we worked as a cartography in Seville in 1518.
His biggest contribution can in the form of this map. It was a Spanish royal census. It was the first world map to show the expansiveness of the Pacific Ocean. Also, North America's eastern coast had never been so clearly defined. Clearly, Ribero did not include several key features to this map including: India, Australia, and the Americas' western coast. Today there are still several copies of Ribero's map intact. There is one located in the Vatican Library.  The Age of Exploration was still in it's earliest stages but this map by Diego Ribero is amazing given the knowledge and technology present for him to work with.


  1. Actually, India is there, along with Sri Lanka ... just very thin and pendulous. :)

  2. Yeah that's true I was just saying that the majority of the Indian subcontinent was absent from the map.