Friday, October 28, 2011

Fra Mauro

Fra Mauro was a 15th century Italian monk who created a map that is called by some the first modern world map.
As you might be able to tell from looking at this map it is upside down compared to most contemporary maps. The map was one of the first to include the discoveries made by Marco Polo as well as the amount of Africa shown. Mauro used several sources for the creation of his map including: Marco Polo's book of travels, Arab sources, and the geographic information that was brought to Rome in 1430 by the Ethiopian Embassy. This map is a circular planisphere. It is drawn on parchment and framed. The map is about two meters in diameter. King Alfonso V of Portugal commissioned a copy of this map that was completed in 1459. The map was found in the monastery in San Michel. Today it can be found The Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana (National Library of St. Mark's) in Venice, Italy.

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