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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cool Maps of the United States

Today I just wanted to highlight a few cool U.S. maps I found recently while browsing the internet instead of focusing on the historical side of cartography.
Since Halloween is practically upon us this map here shows what is supposedly the scariest thing for each state. I live in Maryland and according to this map politicians are the scariest thing in my state. I cannot say that I agree with this but still the map is pretty awesome and definitely appropriate for this time of the year. Also, I love how Invading Canadians are the scariest thing for the people of North Dakota.
This map here uses no lines to show state boundaries but instead just uses typography to show the area of each state. The map is showing a famous movie shot or at least about in the respective state. The movie for Maryland appears to be "Pecker". I have never heard of this movie let alone seen it so I guess I am a bad Marylander. Still, I am familiar with a lot of the movies on the map and I think this is a great way to present the information in a way that is visually pleasing.
This map is very overwhelming to look at at first. Each state's area is shown with a famous work of art that is from the state. I am not a huge art fan but I found this very interesting. This map is another way to learn an interesting fact about your state's art history.
This final map I found at a site called Visualizing Data. It shows the political affiliation of the U.S. Red represents conservatives and blue shows liberals. This map is really a great way to show something that could have been explained in a paragraph but this way is so much more attractive. I found it really interesting so see how the country was divided pretty much north and south on the eastern portion of the country. I will most likely get back to discussing historical maps on Monday but it is the weekend so I thought we should have a little fun. Let me know if you enjoy this type of post more than the ones I normally do. Any feedback to help me improve this blog would be appreciated. Thanks for the read and Happy Halloween!